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1 a large wicker basket (usually one of a pair)
2 set of small hoops used to add fullness over the hips

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  1. A basket or bag fastened, often in pairs, to the back of a bicycle or horse.
  2. A hoop used to expand the volume of a woman's skirt.


basket or bag fastened to the back of a bicycle or horse

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This is about a type of luggage. For other uses of the word, see Pannier (disambiguation).
A pannier () is a basket, bag, or similar container, carried in pairs either slung over the back of a beast of burden, or attached to a bicycle or motorcycle.
A pannier is also a form of underskirt worn in the 18th century.

Animal panniers

Traditional panniers for animal transport are typically made of wicker or lightweight plastic, and built to distribute weight evenly on either side of the animal.

Bicycle panniers

There are many styles of bicycle panniers. Touring panniers come in both rear and front styles, usually sold in pairs, intended to hold enough equipment for self-sustained tours over days or weeks. Commuters who bicycle have pannier options designed to hold laptop computers, files and folders, changes of clothes or shoes and lunches. Some cyclists create makeshift pannier bags out of grocery bags, grocery baskets, garment-bags, convertible backpacks, and various multi-purpose bags as alternatives to purchasing a commercial pannier.


Bicycle panniers are usually made of nylon or other synthetic fabric. As bicycles are often ridden in the rain, many panniers are built to be water-repellent or waterproof by themselves. Other include built-in rain-covers, or rain-covers are offered as accessories.
Panniers are usually built to attach to a rear rack or front rack already fitted to the bicycle. Removable panniers hook onto the top edge of the rack and are often held in place by a spring or elastic cord that hooks near the wheel axle at the bottom. Various other options exist for further securing the bag, for example, Arkel uses a cam-lock system, and previously used an adjustable locking mechanism.

Motorcycle panniers

Motorcycle panniers (often called saddlebags) may be metal containers with lids, hard plastic, leather, or fabric. The panniers may be permanently fixed to the motorcycle or may be removable. BMW has a hard-sided expandable pannier system.
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